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Pink Cake with alphabet baby blocks

I'm glad to be back in the blogging world.
I'm now officially on my one week holiday!! Yippie yippie
*jumps for joy*
I will now dedicate myself to a whole week of baking and decorating! so beware and i shall be posting some of my new recipe adventure :)

Remember my post back in April? Baby Alexis is now turning one! I was given the pleasure to make her christening cake back in April and now I'm once again been given the pleasure to make her 1st birthday cake.

Here's some picture of the finished product.
Note: baby blocks are made of little cakes too. YUM!




I bought myself a new caking toy! and it's finally here!

This has been on my "want" list for a loooong time. Even before my wants for my SLR and my Kitchen Aid but it's the fact that, i have to import it from the US, that's been stopping me from making this purchase. (the exchange rate, the shipping cost)

Recently I've been having bad luck with my cake cutting skills and that caused more cake wastage for me. Also NO more buying expensive serrated knife that doesn't work and yada yada yada. So i've decided to break the bank. :)

Now that this little baby is here, I'm saved!

Here a little story about me, manuals and AGBAY


ok, now to put them all into one piece. I presume this goes here, that goes there, tighten the screws and WOALAH!
errrrr. This doesn't look right *scratches my head*

See how the knife is at the bottom and the metal bar is at the top?

Mine turned out the other way around ???


Now, for manual rescue. I briefly looked at the manual pictures (i hate reading manuals) and thought to myself, why do i have a funny feeling about this? At that time, i still did not realize that it was the other way around.
When it came to cutting the cake with the AGBAY, i was like "How on earth can i cut the cake with that metal bar at the bottom???"

So then, i decided to youtube "How to cut a cake using AGBAY"
I then realize silly me fixing it upside down :p
Now, its all good and i tried it today and my my it does work wonders!
Today's mission: Happy me, leveled cake, money well spend on AGBAY!

Updates with a black and white wedding cake

Hello Dearest Readers!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posting. Things are just getting out of hands and now Christmas is just around the corner!! 
I'm so excited cause I'M GOING MALAYSIA AND JAPAN!
so My Sweethearts Bakery will be taking a break from Nov 2009- middle of Jan 2010. I just can't wait :)

Black and white Wedding Cake

This cake is themed on hearts with the colors black and white. The design was supplied by the bride herself. Each tier consist of different cake flavors, mud choc, mud white choc and butter vanilla cake. She also have cupcakes to compliment with the cake but unfortunately i do not have any pictures of them. Perhaps, later i will contact the bride to see if i could get some better pictures of the cakes and a testimonial from her :)

Black and white Wedding Cake

Black and white Wedding Cake

UPDATES* I am starting a something new in compliment with Sharon Wee Creations and  My Sweethearts Bakery. I cannot reveal what it is and the pictures now, but it will be up and running by Feb 2010. I'm so excited to be able to work once again with Sharon and this will be our ongoing event. Wish us luck! and i shall post them next year. Till then, i will try to post updates as often as possible.

Strawberry Table Placement

Strawberry Table Placement
Love Strawberries?

 me me me!! *hands waving high*

Strawberry Table Placement

Strawberry Table Placement

It's now the season for Strawberries! Our supermarkets are absolutely flooded with them and OH they are so yummy!!!

Remember my post on cake pops?
Yes H had some glasses lying around from a friend's wedding, so we decided not to waste resources and make use of those glasses. Pretty good huh? I like it and best of all is that the guest at the table can each get a strawberry. YUM!

I hope H likes this *fingers cross!*

Sugar Purple Orchid with white drapes wedding cake

Purple Orchid Wedding Cake

Here's my latest cake creation. The bride and groom are so friendly and lovely to work with! They picked red velvet with cream cheese frosting as their top tier, white chocolate mud as the middle and of course my favorite chocolate mud cake as the biggest bottom tier :)
This design was picked by the bride and she is a purple lover so we went with purple orchids and white drapes.

I didn't have enough time to take a good picture of this cake but i've requested some pictures of the wedding from the bride and groom. Will post them up once they get back from their honeymoon!

ps: my music on this site doesn't work anymore BOOHOO!!! anyone has any ideas how to fix it or any sites that provide music for bloggers?