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Updates with a black and white wedding cake

Hello Dearest Readers!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posting. Things are just getting out of hands and now Christmas is just around the corner!! 
I'm so excited cause I'M GOING MALAYSIA AND JAPAN!
so My Sweethearts Bakery will be taking a break from Nov 2009- middle of Jan 2010. I just can't wait :)

Black and white Wedding Cake

This cake is themed on hearts with the colors black and white. The design was supplied by the bride herself. Each tier consist of different cake flavors, mud choc, mud white choc and butter vanilla cake. She also have cupcakes to compliment with the cake but unfortunately i do not have any pictures of them. Perhaps, later i will contact the bride to see if i could get some better pictures of the cakes and a testimonial from her :)

Black and white Wedding Cake

Black and white Wedding Cake

UPDATES* I am starting a something new in compliment with Sharon Wee Creations and  My Sweethearts Bakery. I cannot reveal what it is and the pictures now, but it will be up and running by Feb 2010. I'm so excited to be able to work once again with Sharon and this will be our ongoing event. Wish us luck! and i shall post them next year. Till then, i will try to post updates as often as possible.


16.9.09 Simply June said...

u are getting very good at the cakes! great job!!!.. have fun in malaysia and japan! are u from malaysia?

17.9.09 Lilia said...

Hi June!
Thanks :)
Yes i'm from Msia. Are you?

18.9.09 Simply June said...

Yeah.. me too! =) which part? I'm from Pg...

18.9.09 Lilia said...

I'm from KL!
lol. what a small world :)