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Strawberry and Cake Pops Bonbonniere

Hello Everyone!
How's your week been?

Your question must be "What's been going on in the kitchen this week with Lilia? "

Well, basically i've been busy trying to get some ideas for H's bonbonniere. I can say that more things have been going on inside my brain than in my kitchen! *laughs*

H's wedding is not till Oct but I just thought i'll try out some of my ideas before presenting it to her. Also the fact that i can't wait to put my ideas into action.

H has requested for strawberries or cake pops as the bon-bon and her theme colors are red and white which helps match the strawberries color. We both liked the idea of having a tin pail decorated with either strawberries or cake pops and that also helps give the guest table a color boost. It's like a multifunction bon-bon. Table decoration and bon-bon as well! Definitely a $$ saving option :)

I've used several backgrounds in these pictures:-

First up- Strawberries with fondant roses

Black and white shot



Cake pops with roses


Cake pops in a heart weave basket


Or would you prefer plain cake pops with the rose?



Close up view on the fondant roses
Anyone who is visiting this site , please let me know what you think and feel free to give me more ideas :)


25.5.09 Simply June said...

i prefer the cake pops with just the sprinkles, minus the big m&m/smarites candy thing..

25.5.09 Lilia said...

Good idea! Thanks June!
That;s what i couldn't put my finger on!
I think taking the m&m out will suit the cake pops more :)

2.6.09 Simply June said...

Lilia... I jsut made some cupcake bouquet for my friend's birthday.. will post it up on the blog soon... it might work well for the center pieces.