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Girl Christening Cake

My 2nd Christening cake in a week!
 *phew! two down , two more orders to go for the coming week*

This time its for a gorgeous baby girl, Alexis. I totally adore her smile, its sooooooo CUTE!!!
(Let me remind you besides me being a cake craze, baking craze person, i LOVE babies! Sometimes, i find myself wandering in Pumpkin Patch looking at baby toys, clothes, shoes, they are SO tiny and cute) *I can't wait to have kids~

The theme obviously was all pink and white with teddies, exploding stars and baby blocks. How cute huh? 
The cake is about 12 inch with an 8 inch top and my my, it was one heavy cake altogether. I would think its about 10kgs or even more!!!       *i might be a little exaggerating*
Big thanks for YOONG!! for helping me to mould the fondant and cover the massive 12inch bottom tier.
*claps! and hugs Yoong* I'm officially hiring him to be my fondant person :)

Fadi and Carla absolutely adored the cake! (Did i also mention that they are one very lovely couple?
I hope to see them again soon with baby 2! :p
The first tier of the cake (white chocolate with ganache) Yum!

I swear it WAS NOT easy making the blocks, it kept slipping cause it was so small and delicate. I had to be really really careful when covering the blocks. so far, it turned out not too bad 
(Grade: B)

Ta-dah! Baby blocks with deco

The final masterpiece done~

The top tier with pink teddy and exploding stars


Don't this just make you feel starry and pinky?
You know, I'm not normally a big fan of pink ..........but I'm starting to like this pink. Its kinda growing on me. B)

So who is next on my list of to-do's?
Frank's 21st!

No wait, i need to finish my daring baker's challenge first~
Post date is coming Monday, so stay tune for more pictures~!