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Custom cakes or a Copy cake?

Most of the time, brides don't want custom designed cakes, as they feel that they cannot picture how it would look or if it will turn out good. They rather choose something that they have seen.
My advise would be if you are already paying for the cake, might as well make it yours! As long as you get the colour combination right, the cake would look perfect and on top of it, it is a design that will match your theme and something you will say, its mine and no one else has it.

Perhaps, try getting inspirations from websites or pictures that will aspires you and get bits that you like and match them. This will definitely help with the designing process. Even if you really like a cake design, choose it and then change some bits of the cake. Fro colours m colours to choice of ribbon types to type of flowers will make a huge impact on your cake and make it yours. These little things are just to cater and theme it with your wedding theme. In actual sense, you still will get the design that you wanted but with a little tweak in the, figurings or what not will make the difference.

Here's a little inspiration board that I've picked out from the website Style Me Pretty. They are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring when it comes to weddings.

Do you have a favorite wedding colour?

When we think about weddings, what colours come to mind? Our course the pinks, whites, greens and the all time favorite black and white. I think recently, there's been an increase in weddings that chooses black and white as their theme colour.
Don't get me wrong, I do like this colour, in fact in the last few months, I've been asked numerous times by many clients to recreate this black and white themed cake.

Black and white wedding cake

I'm glad recently my client approached me and wanted something similar but wants to add a little off herself in the cake. Her theme was traveling with birds and bird cages as their table placements. Her colours was black but instead of using white, she choose to use ivory which I think matches really well with black. Here's the cake of the week. Enjoy :)


All about girls

First let me do a long........................... PHEW! *wipes my sweat*
It has been such a hectic month with heaps of girl cakes and the colour pink! I don't usually fancy the colour pink as my wardrobe or my choice of colour but I certainly do like working with pink in cakes. It does somehow do a magic touch, especially to girls cakes. Perhaps it brings out the cute and lovely side of things.

This cake would be one of my favorites. My client wanted to incorporate cherry blossom into her little girls christening. Perhaps the picture doesn't do the cake much justice but it does go well together doesn't it?

Another pink with butterflies for a little girl's christening. This would be my 4th time doing the same design but in different shades of pink. Its a rather simple design but it just looks so pretty and lovely!

This is a 2D tree cake. Inspired by the website Belle and Boo. Really like the colours and the tree. I was amazed myself on how well the tree looks and the colours.

Ordered by a guy who wanted to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. They were here in Sydney for the weekend and he wanted something special for her. Her favorite colour was purple and favorite flowers were frangipanis so therefore, a present box cake would be perfect!
They really liked it and he sent me a text days later "Hi Lilia,
I bought a cake off you last week. Just wanted to pass on my thanks on the cake. It was fantastic and really tasty!"
It feels so lovely hearing from clients!
present box cake

Garden inspired madhatter for a girl's 5th birthday. Her mother also wanted to have a teapot and teacup incorporated into her cake. Perhaps, that is why it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland :)
garden madhatter cake

60th Madhatter Cake