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Timestamp: 2009-06-30 14:14:46 UTC

Congratulations to Simply June!! entry number 6 for the giveaway!
I will be shipping you the item once i get your details :)

The clock is ticking!

Time is running out for the Giveaway and tomorrow (30th June) will be the last day for the chance to enter the giveaway!! 
I wish you all luck and the winner will be announced on the 1st July 09. I will also be contacting the winner via email and your package will be on its way!


I bought new cookie cutters!!! I'm excited (as you can tell) :P but i've been so busy with cleaning lately, i just don't have a chance to put them to use . I just can't wait for my next batch of sugar cookies. It will be baby theme one.

Well, as for updates from my kitchen, i made a masquerade cake for my dearest friend this week. It was just absolutely magical! (well more like gold dust and masquerade-dy) I'm pretty proud of myself but one thing that was absolutely cranked me up was the feathers!
I went to the craft shop to get some feathers and guess how much they cost? $10 DOLLARS each  feather! That is so pricy for just feathers, even my cupcakes don't cost that much. Talk about getting ripped off :( 

Getting being ripped off out of the way, i made a list of things to work on/and updates

1.  I need to start on my new website, i'm starting to feel that i need more than 24 hours in a day.
2. I'm starting to sell my cupcakes stands and they a big big hit! ;)
3. I'm meeting up with RSPCA's corporate funds manager next week to talk about RSPCA cupcakes day! 
4. I am craving to make sugar cookies with my new baby theme cutters!!!!!!!!!!

Till then for now,

Masquerade Cake

Masquerade Cake

Masquerade Cake

Wordless Wednesday

Orange Cupcakes with random designs

Last week, i had a fun baking session with Sunnie at my place. We went out and had our lunch before starting the baking session.

At first, we didn't have any idea about what we were going to make. We had the idea of almond cupcakes but realised that we had no almond. We also had the idea of pistachio cupcakes (sound yum huh?) but also realised that i had NO pistachio!! Instantly we felt really stupid for not checking the pantry before heading to lunch before. All we had at home was chocolate, oranges, lemons and bananas. Finally, after all the thinking and deciding, orange won our hearts.

hmmmmmmmmmm......ORANGE CUPCAKES :)

We use orange peel in the cupcakes and it tasted really really good and fruity. It was a good decision after all.

Done with cupcakes, now with decorations. Again, we had no idea what to decorations to settle with so we both made things that we felt like. First was the butterflies, then Sunnie went on to beach theme, space theme and lastly roses. (See what i said about random?)

I know i know, orange cupcakes didn't exactly go with the butterflies, roses, beach and etc but that was like our "no plan" session. Should have made something fruity as the deco but oh well!

We didn't finish decorating until like 9 at night and continued after dinner till like about 2am. Crazy huh? Started at 2pm and ended at 12am. Almost 10 hours of serious baking and decorating! (excluding dinner)
Overall, i enjoyed it cause we took our own sweet time with Sunnie's ipod music in the background and Chico lazing just beside me. It was a lazy Sunday with a little productivity in it :P

ps: Here are the ones that i made. Sunnie took hers home so i didn't manage to snap some pictures of it. But believe me, when i said we had a random creation day


Orange Cupcakes

Orange Cupcakes

Orange Cupcakes

Orange Cupcakes

Orange Cupcakes

Orange Cupcakes

New Site!!

Hello my dear readers,

Regarding my header above, i will be developing a new site soon!! That is why i've been slacking in updating this blog :p

Here's the inside to it:-
The new site is addressed at and this blog will be moved to 
The difference is that the new site will be an official business website where clients can order their cakes, view samples and flavors. This blog will mainly be dedicated to updates for what's going on with My Sweethearts Bakery kitchen.  

The move won't be for another month but i thought i just give a heads up to all of my lovely readers :). So stay tune! 
Oh yes, don't worry, i will make a BIG post announcement when the new site is up and ready!


This is my newest order for the week and it was for a baby shower. The theme was pearl blue as the expected baby was a BOY! M wanted something simple and sweet so she chose this design and she also created a very lovely poem to go on her cake. I must say that i really love the poem she created!

Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby shower

I love the baby feet! 
Baby shower

Wordless Wednesday

On a Sunday Afternoon

Winter's finally here. 
It's been so cold lately. Not that it is a bad thing, I love the cold and the rain especially on the days where i have no intention of leaving the house. Most of the time when it rains, it makes me wonder, makes me think, makes me dream. and also makes me hungry :)

ps: don't get me wrong but i love summer too!! 

Here's how Chico snuggles up during winter, under my bed in his little cubby hole 

Rainy Sunday 14.06.09

Remember in my last post about baby booties, rattle and teddies?
Its done! M collected it this morning and she absolutely loved it! :)

Baby Booties
Girl Christening Cake

Mini Baby Booties
Girl Christening Cake

Baby Rattle
Girl Christening Cake

Girl Christening Cake

Girl Christening Cake

Girl Christening Cake

Girl Christening Cake

Stay tune for another baby cake next week!

Teddy, Baby Booties and Rattle

Some sneak peak on the Christening Cake i'm working on this week :P

Christening Teddy

Fondant baby booties

Baby Booties

Flower embossed cake board

Chocolate Mud

Wordless Wednesday- NOT!

OMG OMG OMG i can't believe this
This is my 50th post! A great achievement for me :p 
Its also time for some changes around the bakery. The pixelated header has been bothering me. I need something with better resolution and soothing to the eye.

Not to worry, i've create a couple of header to replace it! So i would need your help in picking the best one :) Also, in order to show my appreciation to you, my dear fellow readers, and for your wonderful comments,  My Sweethearts Bakery is holding a ***GIVEAWAY!**** 

Interested in getting a 100pc of cupcakes liners? Read on!
(picture by Jars of Cute)

To get my giveaway of 100pc cupcake liners, here are some rules to join:-
(a) Open to all readers around the country!
(b) Please ensure that you write a valid email address so I can contact you if you win
(c) Winner will be chosen by Random Integer
(d) Deadline: 30th June 09 at 9pm (Sydney time)
ps: if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

 To enter, please leave a comment: (click on the top right of this post)

Which header would you prefer? (A,B,C,D,E) and why?(eg: colors, cake and etc)





Special thanks to I love Cuppycakes for the idea of Giveaway!

My Weekend with my new kitchen aid


In my last post, i said that i wasn't going to bake due to exams but you know, i tend to release my stress by baking plus i really really wanted to make full use of my spanking new majestic yellow KITCHEN AID! :P 

*note: my new mixer purchase wasn't just an impulse buy but my trusty cheap mixer died so i had to invest in something larger! prettier! and it had to have my new fav color-yellow!*

First i wanted to spend a couple of hours making Y's favorite Madeira Baby but i also got distracted by vanilla sugar cookies! Oh i hate having the feeling of wanting to do soooo many things in the kitchen in very limited time. I took out the butter from the fridge and sat there thinking of what to do next.... Madeira or Cookies or Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie???????

After all the debate in my head, i ended making both Madeira cake with buttercream meringue and vanilla sugar cookies. That took my whole of Sat and Sun but i'm happy and stress-free!
Another session of caake photography.
Here goes the cake walk!

Madeira Baby in Vintage Style Photography
Maidera Cake

Well, i sorta couldn't decide on vintage or pure style photography and took a few more than expected pictures :P
Pure and Lovely
Maidera Cake

See the green touch to this picture?
Maidera Cake

A little vignette
Maidera Cake

Chocolate and Cream
Maidera Cake

Last but not least vintage!
Maidera Cake

A close up look on madeira baby with yummy merigue
Maidera Cake

Vanilla Sugar Cookies
(Recipe by cake journal)
(Design inspired by Consumed By Cakes)
*haven't really made cookies before but don't you reckon it's pretty alright for the first try??)
Soft touch

Close up on the cookies (my deco job was pretty horrible)
Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Vanilla Sugar Cookies2

Wrapped and ready to go!
Cookies Wrapped

*See my kitchen in action???

Untitled Export
*Do you like my new vintage pots and tins collection?*
Bought them when i was on my shopping spree at QVB 

Till then~ 
Hopefully now i can concentrate more on my books!

ps: Exams update: One down , two to go!

Exam Week

Hello! Hello!

As you can see on my title of this post, for the 3 weeks of June, i will be away on a study mode so i won't be baking or updating this site (boo-hoo boo-hoo) but i PROMISE to be back by the last week of June into my world of baking :)

Did i ever mention that when i study, i sometimes loose track and dream about cakes designs, recipes and yada yada yada? Does anyone out there understand me?!??!?! 

Wish me luck for my exams! *back to burying myself into world of finance*

Wordless Wednesdays