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Blog Abandoned?


Just a few slight hiccups/exams in my life and now i'm back in the kitchen. Hehe

Since Christmas is literally less than a month away. I've decided to do something special for our family and friends since i will not be around!
For those of you that do not know, i'm off for a month in Malaysia and Japan! Yay for me. I still can't believe that i'm actually travelling out of usual Australia-Malaysia trip. I reckon Japan would be awesome (minus the language barrier and minus the really really cold snowy weather)

I made some Christmas Vanilla Cookies, decorated them and placed them in my AWESOME! cookie jar that i found of IKEA for $4.99 each! What a bargain huh?
Well, to me, the jars are just irresistable, and when i saw them on the catalogue, i just couldnt help but went straight to IKEA and bought like 2 dozens.

Here's a little tutorial on how to prepare the jars.

1. A medium size cookie jar (like mine)
2. Red and Green satin ribbons
3. Vanilla Sugar Cookies
4. Some colour tissue paper
5. Christmas cookie Tags/labels
6. Craft glue

You can download my cookie labels which i print an A4 size mailing labels. Another option is to have them printed on thick colour paper and punch a hole at the top to put through your ribbons. (Its like a christmas ornament :)

Here's my favorite jar i bought. Clean it throughly and soak it in hot water if necessary to remove any labels on the jar.
Christmas sugar Cookies

Measure your ribbons to the waist of the jar. Squeeze some craft glue on the ribbons and immediately wrap them around the jar
Christmas sugar Cookies

See these labels? I made them myself! I'm so proud. I love how they are round. I use as extra large round hole puncher (you can get them at any craft stores) to get the shape. Imagine trying to cut like 30 little circle with a scissors! NOOOOO
Christmas sugar Cookies

Use the label as a front cover for where the ribbon starts and ends. If your ribbon keeps falling off, try using a large rubber band to secure the ribbons and the labels. Like this
Christmas sugar Cookies

Leave the jar for about 10 minutes and there go you! A jar ready to be filled be sugar cookies (yum yum yum) *The coloured tissued papers are to fill the top of the jar later.
Christmas sugar Cookies

Now to the section of Decorated Sugar Cookies. I cannot technically post the recipe here but if you want, you can definitely make ginger cookies or butter cookies.
Here are my freshly baked sugar cookies
Christmas sugar Cookies

Here's a whole heap of sugar cookies waiting to be decorated!
Christmas sugar Cookies

Half decorated ones. Don't you just love the christmas tree?
Christmas sugar Cookies

I use flooding icing to do the decorations. Basically its just 1 egg white and about 2-3 cups of sifted icing sugar (flooding icing is very watery royal icing and if your mixture is too thick, add a couple of droplets of water till it goes watery. And if the mixture is too watery, add more icing sugar.
Remember to add you favorite color to it too!
I went with red, green, white and yellow. Very Christmas-sy!
Christmas sugar Cookies

Christmas sugar Cookies

Christmas sugar Cookies

The pile of decorated cookies
Christmas sugar Cookies

Lastly fill the jars up with the cookies and add some colour tissue papers at the top to make it look extra pretty.
Christmas sugar Cookies


Hope you guys will have a good one this year and not to forget