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I bought new cookie cutters!!! I'm excited (as you can tell) :P but i've been so busy with cleaning lately, i just don't have a chance to put them to use . I just can't wait for my next batch of sugar cookies. It will be baby theme one.

Well, as for updates from my kitchen, i made a masquerade cake for my dearest friend this week. It was just absolutely magical! (well more like gold dust and masquerade-dy) I'm pretty proud of myself but one thing that was absolutely cranked me up was the feathers!
I went to the craft shop to get some feathers and guess how much they cost? $10 DOLLARS each  feather! That is so pricy for just feathers, even my cupcakes don't cost that much. Talk about getting ripped off :( 

Getting being ripped off out of the way, i made a list of things to work on/and updates

1.  I need to start on my new website, i'm starting to feel that i need more than 24 hours in a day.
2. I'm starting to sell my cupcakes stands and they a big big hit! ;)
3. I'm meeting up with RSPCA's corporate funds manager next week to talk about RSPCA cupcakes day! 
4. I am craving to make sugar cookies with my new baby theme cutters!!!!!!!!!!

Till then for now,

Masquerade Cake

Masquerade Cake

Masquerade Cake