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My Weekend with my new kitchen aid


In my last post, i said that i wasn't going to bake due to exams but you know, i tend to release my stress by baking plus i really really wanted to make full use of my spanking new majestic yellow KITCHEN AID! :P 

*note: my new mixer purchase wasn't just an impulse buy but my trusty cheap mixer died so i had to invest in something larger! prettier! and it had to have my new fav color-yellow!*

First i wanted to spend a couple of hours making Y's favorite Madeira Baby but i also got distracted by vanilla sugar cookies! Oh i hate having the feeling of wanting to do soooo many things in the kitchen in very limited time. I took out the butter from the fridge and sat there thinking of what to do next.... Madeira or Cookies or Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie Madeira or Cookie???????

After all the debate in my head, i ended making both Madeira cake with buttercream meringue and vanilla sugar cookies. That took my whole of Sat and Sun but i'm happy and stress-free!
Another session of caake photography.
Here goes the cake walk!

Madeira Baby in Vintage Style Photography
Maidera Cake

Well, i sorta couldn't decide on vintage or pure style photography and took a few more than expected pictures :P
Pure and Lovely
Maidera Cake

See the green touch to this picture?
Maidera Cake

A little vignette
Maidera Cake

Chocolate and Cream
Maidera Cake

Last but not least vintage!
Maidera Cake

A close up look on madeira baby with yummy merigue
Maidera Cake

Vanilla Sugar Cookies
(Recipe by cake journal)
(Design inspired by Consumed By Cakes)
*haven't really made cookies before but don't you reckon it's pretty alright for the first try??)
Soft touch

Close up on the cookies (my deco job was pretty horrible)
Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Vanilla Sugar Cookies2

Wrapped and ready to go!
Cookies Wrapped

*See my kitchen in action???

Untitled Export
*Do you like my new vintage pots and tins collection?*
Bought them when i was on my shopping spree at QVB 

Till then~ 
Hopefully now i can concentrate more on my books!

ps: Exams update: One down , two to go!


8.6.09 Simply June said...

congrats on your new kitchen aid!!!=) Mine is in boring black...=P...but it matches the stuff in my kitchen..=)
anyway...just got to tell u that i love the few pictures you took of the cake! =) love the set up and the different settings/mode....watever you call it!..keep it up! now you have to teach me how to take these lovely pics!

8.6.09 Lilia said...

Thanks June!
First i thought i getting the red kitchen aid but then its too bold for me and decided that yellow shall be my new fav color! :P Now i just have to look for a yellow weighing machine...

Yes sure,i need some hints of scenery taking from you!
I've been doing loads of experimenting with my cam and lightroom. The pics are mostly from presets by lightroom! let me know what else i can help you on. :)

11.6.09 madeira said...

wow - she looks a beauty - the cakes too!