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Wordless Wednesday- NOT!

OMG OMG OMG i can't believe this
This is my 50th post! A great achievement for me :p 
Its also time for some changes around the bakery. The pixelated header has been bothering me. I need something with better resolution and soothing to the eye.

Not to worry, i've create a couple of header to replace it! So i would need your help in picking the best one :) Also, in order to show my appreciation to you, my dear fellow readers, and for your wonderful comments,  My Sweethearts Bakery is holding a ***GIVEAWAY!**** 

Interested in getting a 100pc of cupcakes liners? Read on!
(picture by Jars of Cute)

To get my giveaway of 100pc cupcake liners, here are some rules to join:-
(a) Open to all readers around the country!
(b) Please ensure that you write a valid email address so I can contact you if you win
(c) Winner will be chosen by Random Integer
(d) Deadline: 30th June 09 at 9pm (Sydney time)
ps: if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

 To enter, please leave a comment: (click on the top right of this post)

Which header would you prefer? (A,B,C,D,E) and why?(eg: colors, cake and etc)





Special thanks to I love Cuppycakes for the idea of Giveaway!


10.6.09 Pernilla ( said...

Hi! I found your blogg on Flickr - your have really nice pictures.
I would prefer header A - Lovely colored cakes that makes you wanna grab one through the screen :-).

Since I live in Sweden I guess I`m not really qualifying with the roles, but I give my vote anyway :-). Have an nice day!

Brgd Pernilla

10.6.09 Lilia said...

Hello Pernilla!
Thanks for your vote! You are definitely in the draw! I ship to all around the world even Sweden~ :)
Good luck!

10.6.09 Celeste said...

Hello! :) Oh I love those cupcake liners! So fun.
I like blog header A - like the bright colors, and I think it would really *pop*

contact me at:

10.6.09 Moi, la perdue! said...

Hey fell on your blog by pure hasard! LOVE it , love your creation idea and website!

those liner are so cute!!!

have a super day!

10.6.09 Moi, la perdue! said...

by the way i love A!!

11.6.09 yoong said...

I really really like Header (E)! The cake with those flower tins and roses looks very vintage!


11.6.09 Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Found your photos on Flickr and came right over.
Even though I live in the US I wanted to say I really like Header (A).
Beautiful work!
~ Rebecca

11.6.09 Simply June said...

I love header E! It somehow so "Martha Stewart-ie" to me.... (if that's a word!). Next would be header A!

13.6.09 Cyndi said...

Absolutely choice E!!! The lighting, the colors, the cake.....everything is PERFECT and I think it really represents the name of your business well. The pic has a romantic feel to it, which is what I think of when saying your business name out loud.

17.6.09 You may call me Kitten said...

E is my choice as well - it's fantastic!

19.6.09 Fiona said...

Hi, my choice would be E! Because the pic shows cake and pretty things which is exactly what you make!

22.6.09 Justin Wong said...

hi Lilia,

WOW! i m blown away by your cake baking, decorating and photography skills once again.. Great Job! ^^

As for your header, i think (E) would be the best selection as :

1) it shows a properly decorated and aligned objects that you have created, espcially how you placed the roses

2) the feeling of friendliness and inviting colors

Justin =)

See you @ the Masquerade Partay!! Bring a cupcake musk ahahhaah ;)

28.6.09 vivian said...

I found your blog through flickr also :P I choose header E because it represents your blog name well - it's romantic and I like how everything is placed :) D comes in second 'cause I love how simple but sophisticated it is<3

30.6.09 Anonymous said...

Header A is really nice. Really stands out