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Model Pink Wedding Cake Part2

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Here's my next batch of model cakes for my new website! 
I wanted something lovely and sweet for the brides to choose from so i went with this idea. The inspiration pretty much came from a couple of cake pictures i saw on flickr (i can't remember who and which site) but i'd just like to give credits them for the wonderful inspirations.

Pink Wedding Cake

Pink Wedding Cake

Pink Wedding Cake

Stay tune! More model cakes to come :) 
green's my next color~


24.7.09 Moi, la perdue! said...

Very lovely!
It sweet ,not too much and so romantic!

QUick do you take your pictures? Hey i know its funny to ask but i'd like my stuff to look good on camera but i haven't acheive that part yet...thanks!

29.7.09 Lilia said...

hello! Moi La Perdue

Thanks again for your wonderful compliments.

Usually for these pictures i use a background that matches it so that the cake effect will stand out. What camera do you use? I use a SLR Nikon D90. Camera's play an important part too :)