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Enter and win a giveaway!

Its time for a giveaway! 
(open to all international readers too!)



  • Enter for a chance to win these items, apron and pot holder, with cute little cupcake prints on them. They are so to die for and a must in your kitchen household.
  • Leave a comment on this post. Tell me what brings to you this blog and how you found out about it. If you want, you could add a brief intro about you and where you are from.       (i am curious to know more about my readers and where they are from or how did they come across this blog. From another website? Stumbled upon it? Oh yes, i just love reading commeeeennnnnnts ) 
  • The draw date will be on 1st August 2009 and winner will be announced at 10pm EST
  • In your comments, please also leave your email or blog link so i can contact you if you win.
  • One winner will be chosen using the integer generator and your integer is the rank of your comment
GOOD LUCK!! and start leaving me comments!


22.7.09 Jennywenny said...

I'm sure I'm not the first! I'm afraid I dont remember where I found your blog, I think it may have been on flickr, or cupcakes takes the cake.

Anyway, I'm here for your lovely interpretations of cakes, cookies, sweet and arty things.

I'm currently getting into cake baking and decorating along with other culinary endeavors although my day job is in the lab as a scientist.

22.7.09 Moi, la perdue! said...

i found your blog trough an other blog! wich one i can't tell!! But i'm gald i did!!!
I am a baker mysefl and love seeing ideas from others!!!

So me! I am lost as always, i am a24 yrs old,soon a mom of three (like in a couple of hours probably!) and also a military wife! so that is me!Oh yeah i'm from canada,in New brunswick at the time beeing!

22.7.09 Laura said...

I can't remember where I found your blog, I think my boyfriend might have found it for me!

I'm a vegan who's relatively new to baking and I'm from England.. I'm almost finished a masters degree in music and then.. not sure what I'll do!

Those are some really cute prizes btw!

23.7.09 Anonymous said...

You made the wonderful Christening Cake for my little boy!! It was a hit with everyone and beautifully made. I orignally got your contact through ebay.
Not a week goes by without looking at your blog to see whats new. To drool over your new creations, check out any new recipes and now looking at your beautiful flowers. I love everything you post, listen to your playlist and have you in my favourites. Kelly

23.7.09 Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Hannah, i'm not writing this to win anything! I just wanted to say your cakes look amazing! I have browsed many sites to try and choose my b'day cake but there is nothing out there that is as sophisticated and well made like yours! I love your flowers too!

Keep up the good work *^^*

25.7.09 Laura N. said...

Hi Lilia,

I just found your site through flickr. I was drawn by the pretty photography. Everything looks amazing! Really inspriring my inner baker and photographer. I'll be sure to visit again. Btw I am from Vancouver Canada =)

27.7.09 Cupcake Land by ShamsD said...

I saw your divine looking mud cake on the group Sweet Treats on flickr.
I clicked on it and then noticed your blog link...I had thought you had the recipe.
Your cakes are gorgeous and so are your photos.
I am from South Africa.