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On a Sunday Morning

G'Morning Readers!

I'm up early today. I just realized that it is SUNDAY!! YAY!!
I've been having days off since Friday and it feels sooooooo good. Given that i've been very busy during the week with work, cakes, events........ *groans* but now its all good.

Since its my day off, i can do whatever i please *big smile*. Actually more like picking up things where i left off. Eg: my cupcake stand! 
I've been wanting to complete it but things just get in the way! You know, when you want to do something and then when you're about to start you find out something else more pressing that needs your immediate attention?? (like the burning cakes in the oven! yikes!)

Yea, i've been putting off this cupcake stand project for about 3 months or so now. I finally got my lazy bum started on it and ta-dah
I love it, the frills and ribbons and wrapping paper.
Although it is a little too black for my liking but hey, there're always more boards to cover :)


Now that this is done, I'm off to organize my whole entire external drive.
(another chore that i've been putting off.)

Until then,


27.4.09 Angela @ A Spoonful of Sugar said...

Welcome to The Daring Bakers! Your cheesecake looks awesome---love the polka dot collar you made!

I'd be happy to taste a slice (or two) for you :)

27.4.09 Jude said...

That's very impressive. Love the detailed photos and makeup. Send a slice this way please ;)

27.4.09 Lilia said...

Hello Ange and Jude!
Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!
:) Feel free to drop by my place for a slice if you are in Sydney~!
*yay! to daring bakers*

28.4.09 ice tea: sugar high said...

Great looking cheesecake. I love the chocolate polka dot collar. I made a cookies and cream too. Isn't oreo the best?

30.4.09 Lilia said...

Hello Ice tea:sugar high!
*high 5* for the Oreo cheesecake. Great job to you too for the amazing , not 1 but 3!, cheesecakes. :)

30.4.09 yoong said...

I must say the cake looks and is indeed quite delicious!

Please let me know when you make more!