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Yoong the Garfield

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. this is a secret birthday cake for yoong and he's turning 24 this sat!! (officially next week Wed) 
This is the first ever birthday cake i made myself for my boyfriend. I've made many cakes for him to try but never a cake specially for him :p 
So i made sure that i made it extra special this year by making his favorite animal(the cat) as his cake. Hope he'll like it *fingers cross!*

.......Garfield in process.....

The First layer with buttercream

Three layer stacked on top of each other with buttercream in between each layer

Start of Garfield face


Garfield Face with eyes

Almost done~


Doesn't he look just like Garfield?

I'm so glad it turned out right. I was so worried before that the orange turned out yuck-ky and ruin my garfield. Wilton colors are definitely trustable~!


7.3.09 Jeanette said...

Hey lilia!!

not onli did ur cake look awesome and sooo similar but it also tasted reali reali good!! and i dont nornmally say that coz i'm very picky with cakes... since my dad makes pretty good sweets... :P

awww i'm gonna miss ur creations!! should have taken a few of ur cupcake lolly pop's home with me, they were sooooooo good!!!