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Counting Down to Easter - 40 DAYS!!

I know I know, 40 days is not for another month but who says easter bunnies can't be made on any other days :) 
I don't normally celebrate, wait let me correctly that, i NEVER celebrate easter but i came across bakerella again and saw this super duper cute cupcakes that i could not resist!! Now, i can officially celebrate easter and make some easter bunny cupcakes~ Maybe next time i should try to make a cake or even a chocolate easter egg. Y-U-M!
Anyways, i've posted some pictures of my pink bunnies so enjoy`

Bunny in the making

Ear Modeling Process

TAA-DAH! The end result! :9

just Y-U-M

I found a bunny picture (the one in the middle) online and its so cute! It's so furry and cuddly so i tried making one of the bunny ears droopy, like the real one,  but it turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt :( will try it next time.