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Lindt Lindor

YAY! *does the chicken dance*

This spring, i've got given a box of Lindt Lindor. Not the usual ones, but a very special limited edition........... happy happy joy joy*

As what the box would say, it's irresistibly smooth with milk coating and soft white chocolate centre. You know, normally i would avoid milk chocolate at all cost (that's because I'm a loyal fan of white and dark, never never milk) but this time, i've decided to try one. I'm so not regretting that i did! On top of that i love the color on the box. Green. Reminds me of spring~~~ all the flowers, the butterflies and spring dresses. (oh how i LOVE spring dresses) *dreaming*

I just thought i should post the goodness of Lindt Lindor and shhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Im not suppose to have choc cause I'm on this diet regime right now but Hey! a few little heavenly choc ball won't hurt right right????
Please say yes................ *pluh-lease*

The flower prints on the wrapper are so adorable~

I can see my bite mark! :p