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Chocolate Cake Pops

Finally, Tina's cake pop orders are done! 
50 nicely wrapped pops are on their way~ *weeeeeeeeeeeee*

These babies are specially for Tina's easter corporate party and these actually took me about 2 days to finalizing everything. Waiting for the pops to dry was the hardest bit. 
Knowing me, the very impatient baker, can never wait for a cake to cool let alone wait for chocolate to dry (3 hours!!! ). I tried my very best to ignore the fact that i was waiting for the chocolate coating to dry so i went online, did the laundry, played with Chico , yada yada.... yet i manage to ruin about... 10 pops? 
Yea approximately that much wasted from my impatient nature. 
I learnt a lesson there. Because i wasted 10 pops, i had to bake another cake and that's why i had to continue the process all over again the next day in order to reach 50 pops. *boo hoo for meeeeeee*


Now let me formally introduce you to the cake pops~~~~

White choc cake pop
Mr White

Mr Yellow

Mrs Purple

Green cake Pops

Purple baby pop

I love these!

Now for a teaser :p 
Just thought i'll mess around with the camera a little.

Individual Pop

Twin pops!