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Cake Pops

Hello Monday~!

I tried making cake pops today (again). Last attempt was quite a failure but this time was a big success!! I did make some on a lolli stick but they didn't turn out like Bakerella's spring chicken pops. *criesssss waaaaaaaaaa* least the chocolate mould ones turned out fine :) Here are some pictures of it and hope you enjoy!

Don't they look like little cupcakes?

All cake pops in a row

Green and yellow. (i shall make pink and purple next time)

Close up view~~

Do you like with pearl background?

or with green background?

or cake pops in a heart shape :)

I love these flowers!


6.4.09 mattyyyyy >;D said...


jeez you're pro at cakes =O

send some down to melbourne yush ? =]

6.4.09 Lilia said...

hello matty!!

thanks..sure i'll send some down via Jeanetter :p

6.4.09 Anonymous said...

mmmm cupcake pops - I so have to try these one day soon.

They look yummy!

6.4.09 Lilia said...


9.4.09 Simpy June said...

Good Job..They look yummy!! Send some over for Brady and I please! I wanted to do something for easter...but now, I have pineapple rolls to surprise my blog follower from Turkey =p

9.4.09 Lilia said...

Thanks June! Oh i wish you were my neighbor or something then we can bake all day long and have both pups play together. :p
Pineapple rolls? I've never heard of it and I'm interested in seeing what it is! Show me Show me!

11.4.09 Simply June said...

Yea...would be so much fun to bake and let the doggies play together! =)

btw,... i've been having probs opening ur blog using windows explorer, tried it on 2 laptops....finally got it open using google chrome.... dunno why... do u have any probs?

12.4.09 Lilia said...

Windows explorer? Really? I normally use mozilla or safari and it seems to be fine.. maybe cause i'm using Mac. I'll try it out on other comps and see how it goes.

15.4.09 Simply June said...

Finally able to get in again using Window's Explorer........must be somekind of glitch!