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Nikon + Canon Cameras

Camera Camera Camera
Who is the world invented camera? (answer: long long story, click here to find out who)
Anyways, back to my topic, currently I am contemplating between a Nikon or a Canon. Pluh--leease help me~

Here are my choices:-
1. Canon G10( the affordable one)*suggested by Zen
This model is about my price range and does a pretty good manual job....................... The only thing is i don't fancy Canon~

But ...... But ........ But........ i really really want a nikon. Its like the talk of the town!!!

Nikon D80 
(This is the camera i used to talk picture of Chico and they were amazing!!)
Pictures to prove it! (although these pictures aren't fully professional  but because this is the first time i've played with a SLR, I'm just amazed by its functions :p)

Nikon D90
(an upgrade version of D80)
Now, to save a huge amount of money and buy them all! :p