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Adventures of my little pup and cake.

This was taken ages ago but i think it has a really cute story line with pictures in it :)
Let me explain~

If you guys don't know yet, this is my precious buddy/dog/baby....CHICO
And i think he's got his eyes set on something

See that cake? and a glimpse of his head? Yea.. thats what he was eyeing on. Let's get a clearer view shall we?

There. We have a full shot of his in the background just staring at, not me, but the cake. He was then, about a couple of feet away.

Yoong decided to cut the cake. And Chico saw it

Here's the next shot. Chico is now much closer to the cake table and he's got his EYES GLUED to the CAKE ... hehehehehe... what can i say about my dog?
Curiosity little Chico

There. a decadent slice of pure/hot/fresh Madeira cake. This cake was super yummy!! Not to mentioned i spent about $15 on a very expensive butter to bake it. I know, a little crazy for just butter but hey! who's up for a Madeira? :0

The little curious culprit who would jump up the table is if i wasn't looking

Here's the bandit. My dearest beloved cake lover doggie