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Chocolate Cake for Chocoholic Sunday

Today is my day to enjoy and be a chocoholic freak! 
I have a big urge/desire/WANT! for a huge slice of chocolate cake. MMMMmmmmmMMMMMM

I thought i'd just post in some pictures of the cake i made :)
Chocolate for your eyes 


Chocolate Cherry mud

Chocolate Cherry mud

Chocolate Cherry mud

Chocolate Cherry mud


19.7.09 Moi, la perdue! said...

I am close to my due date(6 august) and oh my is that cake ever looking tmepting...what recipie do you looks almost chocolate bownie....ohhh... MIUM!

22.7.09 Lilia said...

6 August? Oh my, that's just next month! How exciting! Is it a boy or a girl? :P
I so can't wait to have my own kids!!!

Yea, it chocolate mud cake. I got my recipe off a site ages ago and i fully fell in love with it. I'll try to make a post on the mud recipe one day but if you need it in a hurry, let me know your email so i can send you a copy of it.